SVG Party Founder

Great principles, great ideals know no nationality – Marcus Garvey.


Derek Richards-Jones

Derek is the founder of the SVG Party and a successful entrepreneur. Before entering into politics Derek was the founder and CEO of Unilink Technology Services. A company specialising in computer software with an unmatched expertise in biometrics and criminal justice applications. Unilink designs and develops innovative software solutions for the Police, Prisons, and Probation services in both the Government and private sector.

In 2016 together with Unilink he was grateful to win the Queens’ Award for Enterprise in Innovation and was presented to HM The Queen. In 2015 two ‘firsts’ at the prestigious Top 100 Digital Leaders awards were also secured. Read more.   Derek sold his company and found politics was another avenue he was passionate to be involved in.

Derek says

“We have allowed  our societies to break down and this is causing serious and horrendous consequences for many people. People no longer feel safe, and those in authority control media outlets who are happy to downplay and, present a different narrative to what we can all blatantly see with our own eyes. In many areas civil society is constantly under attack and a dictatorial attitude is replacing democracy.

We don’t need  more politicians in leadership. We need leadership in politicians. The system we have produces politicians not leaders. Politicians are only concerned about the next elections. True leaders are concerned about the next generations. Unless we change we cannot expect change.

My mission is to start the change needed for SVG to survive and be as progressive as possible. Under the SVG Party SVG will become the jewel in the Caribbean crown.”