TSVG Party Founder

True leadership should not and must not support any visions or processes that perpetuate or gives countenance to social injustices – Dr Myles Munroe


Derek RichardsJones

Derek is the founder of the SVG Party and a successful entrepreneur. Before entering into politics Derek was also the founder and CEO of Prison Technology Services, who operate the super successful Emailaprisoner and Secure Payment Services. It took Derek over ten years to build the companies from scratch and it was at this point the time was right for an  exit. So, Derek sold his business to another Tech company – UnilinkDerek stayed on for a few more years as Vice President of the renamed Unlink Technology Services before stepping away from day-to-day operations. He now continues in an advisory role.

In 2016 together with Unilink he was grateful to win the Queens’ Award for Enterprise in Innovation and was presented to HM The Queen. In 2015 two ‘firsts’ at the prestigious Top 100 Digital Leaders awards were also secured. Read more.   

After selling his company Derek travelled extensively. With both parents being Vincentian Derek discovered a whole new family in St Vincent and the Grenadines. He instantly feel in love with the country and people. He says “even thou he was born and raised in the UK, SVG feels like home.”

It was also at this point Derek discovered he had a desire in wanting to help and politics was an avenue he was passionate about and wanted to be involved with. He is a champion of social development and wants to bring the skills he’s learned over many years in business to help people in his homeland to further develop socially and economically.

Derek says”We have allowed  our societies to break down thus causing serious and horrendous consequences for many. People no longer feel safe and in many areas civil society is constantly under attack with democracy being replaced with dictatorship attitudes.

Small islands can’t offer to be dictated to by anyone and they don’t need to be run and managed by those who are simply trained in law. Lawyers create new laws. We don’t need to surround ourselves with ore and more new laws we need good governance.

We don’t need  more politicians in leadership. We need leadership in our politicians. The system we currantly have only produce politicians, not leaders. Politicians are only concerned about the next elections whereas leaders are concerned about the next generations.

“My life’s mission is to help kick-start ‘change.” Change that will ensure the future of the next generations are secure. Change that will enable us to compete on  level playing fields with education, employment, social development and economic development at the core. It is the intention of the SVGP for St Vincent and the Grenadines to be the jewel in the Caribbean crown.


“Great principles, great ideals know no nationality.” – Marcus Garvey