The Other Parties

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Malcom X

Under the ULP and the NDP there has been over 30 years of steady decline. Whilst the ULP always promotes educational achievements their personal accolades have not contributed in driving the economy or the country  forward.

Of the four parties currently existing in SVG, neither the Green Party, which only garnered 200 votes after 20 years in operation, nor the DRP, who have turned away a lot of potential support with their overzealous religious views, have made a serious impact.

Our empirical evidence tells us that there is an atmosphere of mistrust and dissatisfaction pervading the country.  Mistrust directed at the current ULP administration that is seen as corrupt, unable to fulfil few, if any, of their grandiose campaign promises, and dissatisfaction with the NDP’s handling of the opportunities handed them as the Opposition Party, by the incumbent government.

A vote for the ULP or the NDP is a vote for more of the same. The SVGP believes the need for a new direction is long overdue.

Whatever your political persuasion don’t vote Red, Yellow, Green or Blue. Vote for Growth. Vote for the SVG Party ………..

True leadership should not and must not support any visions or processes that perpetuate or gives countenance to social injustices. A leader will never imprison people or oppress people. Leaders set people free. Dr Myles Munroe