Welcome to the SVG Party website!

Unfortunately, we will not be contesting the St Vincent and the Grenadines election due in 2020. However, we believe urgent political change is required in SVG. So please don’t treat or vote like the election is just a popularity contest. Please vote for the party which you believe will deliver the best outcome for the country you know SVG should and can be.

Do not be persuaded by promises of better times. Look back at previous elections to see if the past electoral promises made have materialised and, the country has moved forward in a satisfactory manner. Also, do not be persuaded by short-term personal gains which, only helps a few persons. Look at the bigger picture. The country!

Your vote can make SVG a country you are totally proud of and, a country where future generations will flourish and prosper.

Your vote is really important. Your vote can change the future. Don’t make the vote about yourself. Vote to secure a brighter future for the next generations. You matter, your vote matters, please use it wisely!